Aduro 7+1 LED Mask + Collagen 5000 Liquid

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The Pure Peptide (Fish) Collagen supplement is designed to be taken in combination with your light therapy treatments. The Aduro 7+1 mask promotes collagen rejuvenation and the supplement gives you even more of a boost. Enhances the performance of the Aduro 7+1 Skin LED Light Therapy Mask.
The supplement can be used with or without the mask, but you will see the best results using both.
A simple way to upgrade your skincare routine.

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Collagen 5000 promotes collagen synthesis and contains essential vitamins and nutrients such as vitamins C, B5 and B6 that are needed for this. Together with the hyaluronic acid it contributes to a healthy and youthful-looking skin.
In addition, Collagen 5000 also provides healthy body tissues. You will notice after a while that your skin feels stronger, more beautiful and firmer and looks.
You will feel reborn again.

Dosage: 15 ml in the evening

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