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The only Light Therapy Mask with 7 LED Colors + Infrared!

The Benefits of LED Light Therapy have been featured in:


Enhance Your Skincare With Healthy Light

Unlock the Holistic Effects of Colors on the Human Psyche with the Aduro LED Facial Mask

In the realm of holistic wellness, color therapy emerges as a transformative approach to healing and personal growth. The vibrant spectrum of colors—red, blue, yellow, orange, indigo, green, cyan, and violet—not only beautifies our world but also has profound effects on the human psyche. Our cutting-edge Aduro LED Facial Mask harnesses these colors, offering a unique and therapeutic experience that caters to a wide array of skincare and emotional well-being needs.

led mask
Aduro is the world leader in MULTICOLOR LIGHT masks

The only Multicolor LED Light Therapy with visible results in just 4 weeks!

Benefits of LED light therapy

Backed by science

Aduro uses multicolor light science researched by NASA. The effects of LED light therapy help your body produce essential components for health and beauty. Call them light vitamins. Discover the right light therapy for you.

Aduro offers professional light therapy products for home use. With a combination of 7 different colors, plus Infrared, this new generation mask combines light waves and offers 11 settings to boost your skin health and rejuvenate from within.

Backed by science and research Aduro revolutionizes skin care. Your body needs light, like its needs water, food and sleep. Add healthy light to your diet from the comfort of your home, no matter the weather or season.

Multicolor LED Light Facial Mask

Experience the benefits of wrinkle reduction, acne reduction, improved skin tone and cell rejuvenation. Aduro helps to soothe redness, clear up imperfections, and prevent the signs of aging.

Increased energy

Increased energy production

Light therapy boosts cellular energy called ATP, for improved cell rejuvenation.

Increased energy

Brightens complexion

Light therapy is a non-invasive boost for your skin, giving you a clearer, more radiant complexion.

Increased energy

Younger looking skin

Skin rejuvenation rich in collagen, elastin and more.

7 LED Colors + Infrared

11 different treatments based on 7 different colors + infrared.

100% UV Free

No harmful UV rays and no recovery time.

Non-invasive & Clinically Proven

No need for needles or surgery.

Chemical Free

No need for abrasive chemical products.



Julia Roberts & the Aduro Mask

Pretty Woman Proof

Renowned Hollywood actress Julie Roberts reveals her secret to flawless skin! In an instagram post, Roberts disclosed her skincare regimen, which includes the revolutionary Aduro LED light therapy mask. Famed for its effectiveness in promoting skin rejuvenation and a youthful glow, the Aduro mask has become an essential part of Roberts’ beauty routine. With its cutting-edge technology, this mask has garnered widespread acclaim for its ability to address various skincare concerns.

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