I am Astrid, 44 years young. I have been divorced from Stefano’s father for 15 years. Stefano is 21 years old now and is studying at the university. We live on the outskirts of Amsterdam with our dog, Bruno, who is a Labrador. I work as a purser for a major airline, primarily on long-haul flights.

A typical flight often means a week away from home followed by a week off. I consider being a purser and flying to be the best profession there is. It takes me to places around the
world that I would never have visited otherwise, and I feel truly fortunate because of it.

During my free days at these locations, I make it a point to explore the beautiful and unique attractions and capture them with my camera. With the airplane crew, we stay in hotels where we can always get the best food and
drinks. I try to watch what I eat and drink, but I don’t let all the delicious treats pass me by.

Once I return home, Bruno is always waiting for me eagerly behind the door. He knows that we will have long walks in the woods or on the beach. It’s a time to catch up on the week with Stefano, save the photos – I’ve made a promise to myself to create photo albums from all these extraordinary places and landmarks I’ve visited when I retire.

Flying with significant time differences and spending time in sunny countries does affect my skin. That’s why I prioritize taking care of my skin. When I’m at home, I dedicate extra time to cleansing, nourishing serums, creams, and masks.

I also use the Aduro LED mask to care for and rejuvenate my skin with Green and Red Light. It helps with the effects of changing time zones, varying air pressures, and external factors like weather.

If my LED mask isn’t in its usual place, I know exactly where to find it – in my son’s room. Sometimes, he deals with skin issues, and he’s discovered that the Aduro Mask, particularly the Blue Light, helps him improve his skin.

So, the next birthday gift for him won’t be difficult to decide; I saw on the website there is a Aduro Palm and that will be perfect for his personal use. Plus, if he has his own device, I can take mine with me on flights and use it during my rest breaks on the plane.

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